About us

Our Motivation

The transformation of destinations through a new tourism model, fairer, more inclusive, responsible, regenerative, and sustainable. A tourism model that promotes the experience of visitors in an authentic and conscious way, as well as the participation of the tourism ecosystem with the use of technology and information.


Our competitiveness model is based on the synergy of our alliances with intergovernmental organizations, destination management organizations, universities, professional associations, private companies, and international experts.

Tourism and business, from an innovative vision based on open learning and a holistic view that incorporates digital transformation as a tool for precision and control of processes that allow the development of a regenerative tourism ecosystem for their companies, communities, and environment.


Consolidate ourselves as a leading tourism consulting company, which provides strategic and innovative solutions through the experience of our experts and allies, supported by technology in a way that promotes the sustainable development of tourist destinations globally.


SmArt Tourism & Hospitality Consulting is established in Panama and begins operations in October 2019, focusing on collaborative work and skill synergy.

The philosophy of SmArt THC is based on the principles of the Andean civilization integrating the criteria of sustainability, respect, reciprocity, balance, among others. Since our foundation, the spirit of collaboration to achieve the transformation and development of Latin American destinations and stakeholders has been our greatest motivation. That is why we created a large collaborative network of experts and organizations, faithfully complying with the development vision of the 2030 Agenda.

We have collaborated with different countries and destinations in the region and actively in the recovery of the tourism sector in the face of COVID-19, understanding it as a challenge that motivates integration and unity.

Transversal bases

Strengthening of Governance: Approaches will be developed according to the needs of the destination, which seek to involve the different actors of the territory in search of promoting collaborative innovation and transcendent management structures, which allow the destinations to thrive and benefit the community.

Digital Transformation: We will involve digital transformation processes in the proposals made, in order to incorporate technology that allows measuring, making transparent and accelerating the development of the project and the results obtained.

Collaborative Innovation: One of the fundamental processes in our approach is the integration of all the actors of the destination in the processes. The involvement of the academy with an active role is crucial to promote innovation actions in the various projects aimed at the tourism development of the destination.

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