Axes of intervention


The development of sustainable tourist destinations has a fundamental pillar in the investment attraction and generation. At SmArt we have been concerned with creating a service that adjusts to the needs of investors and destinations. The competitiveness of a territory is key to promoting and generating projects that are friendly to the environment and communities hostesses; thus creating the profitability and benefits expected by investors, operators and managers, based on an increasingly conscious demand with the impact of their displacements on the planet.


Our intervention vision focuses on the development of a solid governance that allows tourist destinations to develop a collaborative work with the different stakeholders involved in tourism activity. For this reason, our proposal from SmArt is to formulate various strategies that promote innovation in each process that is carried out, with the purpose of benefiting the receiving community and contributing to its sustainable development, accompanying these processes with digital tools that allow optimizing, accelerating and making transparent the management of the destination.

Data and Innovation

It is essential to make efficient and effective use of the management of tourism intelligence, in order to identify, create or adapt specific actions that contribute to the development of the destination, one of the strengths of SmArt is that it has reliable networks with updated information that will help establish the actions already mentioned.

For a tourist destination to become smart it is important to provide innovative solutions, the experience that SmArt has allows to identify the needs of the destination and propose concrete actions that include the use of technology in order to reduce the existing gaps in it and increase its competitiveness, expand its offer, optimize the use of its resources and promote open innovation.

Marketing and Promotion

The marketing and promotion of destinations is built based on the needs of demand, for this we must objectively identify them and create customized commercial strategies, relying on tourism intelligence so that we can effectively disseminate the attributes of the destination in its natural and cultural areas, building its identity, strengthening its brand, transforming it into a competitive destination with a coherent storytelling in each of the processes involved  the same experience from the search for the visitor, the experience in the territory and the engagement with the destination with an adequate delivery through traditional and digital channels.

Visitor Experience

Manage smart destinations that provide innovative strategies based on the needs and motivations of visitors in order to improve their experience in the destination from the search for information to the post-trip process, offering solutions that integrate technology, to boost the image of the destination and improve its positioning.

Education and Training

The sustainable strengthening of tourist destinations is achieved through collaborative work between public and private entities through the achievement of goals that guarantee the quality and sustainability of the territories through education and training to the actors involved in the management of the destination, we provide methodological tools that accompanied by the digital transformation allow the measurement and constant monitoring of the evolutionary progress of the destination in terms of  tourist.


An intelligent tourist destination learns to achieve greater benefits from tourism activity with the least impact on the territory, through the application of specific actions for each destination seeking to contribute to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and thus achieve that the necessary requirements are met to have an economic balance,  environmental and social; thanks to the capacity of the SmArt competitive intelligence that adapts in an agile way to the supply and demand to solidify the sustainable competitiveness of the tourist destination.

Security and crisis management in tourism

Our planet is facing global crisis situations in different fields, principally natural and social, which have an impact on the safety of tourists within their experience. From SmArt we have been concerned with bringing together the highest academics worldwide to help countries generate sustainability also from the perspective of tourism security & crisis management. PhD Peter Tarlow and PhD Lori Pennington Gray present together with the SmArt team the most innovative security and tourism crisis management programs.

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